Destroy the cycle

I usually keep my relationships private to an extent that way I can take my lessons in private if things don’t work out. However my last relationship was public on his end so my thoughts were he’s broadcasting me so why shouldn’t I broadcast him.

Listen to people the first time they tell you what is wrong with them. He told me that he falls fast and is never single for long. I said well try to take the time to work on yourself. I do not fall fast, however, I am usually never single for long either. I prefer to be in a relationship. Sometimes relationships hold you back.

If we do not recognize our life’s cycles that we continuously go through and live out in different scenarios and different subjects but the same plot same theme same denouement…we will continue those same cycles if we do not break them. If we do not change some small detail in the story then it will remain the same and end the same.

I made a few changes. I decided to become unavailable to relationships for as long as it takes. I am enjoying this season of me so selfishly. I am not dating. I am just manifesting and flowing. Attracting abundance. Attracting beautiful things and lots of beautiful people with dope spirits. Living good energy and welcoming this season of abundance into my life. Continuing to let things go. Recognizing the lessons from every situation and making sure that I grab those lessons from the pain love and or hurt experienced. Lessons.

Never will I ever let a man be too quick to broadcast me. Now a lot of his family members are on my Facebook page and we are not even friends let alone together. That’s the part I don’t like. Why include so many people. What’s the point? Why request that we continue to be friends after a breakup? What’s the point? Never let anyone stand in your doorway.

I was always careful about sharing my weaknesses with others because people use them against you.

Sometimes you just have to say “oh you one of those…and keep it moving” remove yourself from the situation. Once I noticed something that I was not feeling…I started monitoring the situation more closely in case I needed to make a complete emergency exit.

Seeing his cycle in plain view. He jumps from serious relationship to relationship then wants to be friends after the breakup. That was truly a first for me. I thank God for allowing me the gift to see people clearly and see through them to their lives just as easily. Recognizing the cycle and removing yourself.

So he meets a girl. Broadcasts her. Waits for me to respond as his rebound responded to his relationship with me. I’m sorry I’m not that girl. I’ll just forget you exist. You will not get anything crazy out of me because it is not there. I gave it all to my ex-husband. I don’t take much of anything personally because it is not my life. It’s their life. My focus is on my life. I removed myself from the cycle. I unfollowed him from all of my pages and only reached out to tell him that I forgive him months later after the removal.

Do you understand when I say I love my peace? I love my damn peace wholeheartedly. I did not always have it and now that I do…I’m extremely protective of it.

I tell people exactly how to lose me and then they do. I’m simple. I like for everything to be on the table. I found myself putting everything on the table and I found my efforts not being matched. First sign. Listen to people the first time that they tell you who they are and what is wrong with them.

I share this because I hate when people give you all the beautiful things about their relationship and every detail of it then breakup and act as if there was never a relationship. So it is over and completely closed. There are lessons in every experience. Thank them for those lessons that help decorate the contribution to the evolution of you and keep it moving. Flowing not forcing.

I provide my own closure.

I have never lost anyone or anything. I make my own self happy and I provide my own peace. When people leave, I am still whole. Nobody belongs to me except me. I belong to me.

Do not limit yourself. Tell the world who you are. Let them catch up to understand what you give.

Life birthed us. We must give life back to life. We must contribute to the generations of life to come after us. Live for this.

Real Dream Interpretation:

I had a dream last night or rather today because I sleep during the day. I dreamed I was fighting to hold on to someone specifically and everything in that path was being destroyed and broken along the way no matter what was touched or how hard I fought, everything ended in destruction and pain.

I had that same dream once before over a decade ago and same results. If it don’t belong to me it was never mine. Holding on to something that doesn’t belong to you will cause you an eternity of pain. Let that hurt go. It doesn’t belong to you.

That’s the language my ancestors speak to me in. That’s how God tells me to stay the path and don’t look back. That’s how I keep my peace. That’s how my mental and emotional equilibrium stays balanced. That’s how easy it is for me to believe you never existed and was only a figment of my imagination. That’s how easy it is for my life to keep going for me to continue evolving into the best version of me.

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