The Road…

I made a decision a long time ago that people would have to meet me where I’m at. At or above my level for me to deal with them. I refuse to get off my cloud for anyone. I refuse to water myself down or suppress myself for anyone. Take these rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns or keep it moving.

Road to Priestess Hood.

August 20th I took my friend to a crystal store right before I dropped her off at the airport. At the store, I met a woman. Felt her from across the room. She told me she likes my hair. I looked up to a glowing ray of sunshine with bright stars circling her head. I said I like your hair too and that was literally all she wrote. I needed to see her again bc I was leaving for Bali the next day so I invited her over. She read my palm and told me I would be coming into Priestess Hood soon. Her words literally went into one ear and out the other. Mainly because I did not know what it meant. I left for Bali and released everything I needed to and welcomed a new life of abundance. I released military pain, ex marriage pain, relationship pain…I released it all.

Fast forward a few weeks, women are reaching out to me even more for divorce help and family help. I created a small sister circle so that we could support one another and work through healing together. I learned that sister circles heal the womb, heals our ancestors, and allows us to heal ourselves by helping one another to heal together. I learned that sister circles aid in breaking generational cycles of pain. Sister circles change the coding in our dna so the karma loop stops and a new cycle is generated. “It runs in my family” does not exist anymore because the cycle can stop with you. Fast forward my small sister circle started growing and my apartment is only so big nor do I have any parking.

My friend told me she is very interested in what I am doing. She said why don’t you just have your meeting at my house. I said ok and that was the birth of the “Melanin Sister Circle” nonprofit organization start. The sister circle went from 3 to 20ish and still growing. We are breaking cycles and healing ourselves. This is our gift to the future generations to come. This is my gift back to life. After all life is the greatest gift of all. Men are in need of healing. They are placed in a position to protect the wombman of life.

Fast forward 2 weeks after 3 weeks of sister circles…the men kept joining our circle so I decided to put together a brother circle. Barbershop talk. 10 men did about 3 hrs of talking. A lot of healing was exchanged. A lot of releases happened. It was beautiful. Us women evesdropped on the stairs and I cried 3 times. The brothers thanked me. I cried again.

A few nights ago at work I was watching readings and they were all hitting the nail on the head. They said to continue my ancestral healing path because so many people are healing just from being around my energy. Oh and by the way you’re on your way to become a Priestess sooner than soon.

Thankfully I have a friend that is a Priestess. I have friends that are ministers as well. I am very happy about my new found Priestess Hood. However, it is very overwhelming because I am not sure what all comes with this title.

I receive confirmation everyday that I am on the right path. I receive living examples that I am on the right path. There are no rules and there is no guide book. I am simply here paving my own way and writing my own way as I love and live my own way.

Recently I discovered that I am a daughter of the African Yoruba Goddess Oshun. I have always called myself the Goddess of love and peace. I enjoy mirrors and peacocks. I enjoy being worshipped. I am a Priestess meeting people anywhere and inspiring beautiful souls to heal themselves so that they may thrive in life. I am me title or no title.

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