The Road…

I made a decision a long time ago that people would have to meet me where I’m at. At or above my level for me to deal with them. I refuse to get off my cloud for anyone. I refuse to water myself down or suppress myself for anyone. Take these rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns or keep it moving.

Road to Priestess Hood.

August 20th I took my friend to a crystal store right before I dropped her off at the airport. At the store, I met a woman. Felt her from across the room. She told me she likes my hair. I looked up to a glowing ray of sunshine with bright stars circling her head. I said I like your hair too and that was literally all she wrote. I needed to see her again bc I was leaving for Bali the next day so I invited her over. She read my palm and told me I would be coming into Priestess Hood soon. Her words literally went into one ear and out the other. Mainly because I did not know what it meant. I left for Bali and released everything I needed to and welcomed a new life of abundance. I released military pain, ex marriage pain, relationship pain…I released it all.

Fast forward a few weeks, women are reaching out to me even more for divorce help and family help. I created a small sister circle so that we could support one another and work through healing together. I learned that sister circles heal the womb, heals our ancestors, and allows us to heal ourselves by helping one another to heal together. I learned that sister circles aid in breaking generational cycles of pain. Sister circles change the coding in our dna so the karma loop stops and a new cycle is generated. “It runs in my family” does not exist anymore because the cycle can stop with you. Fast forward my small sister circle started growing and my apartment is only so big nor do I have any parking.

My friend told me she is very interested in what I am doing. She said why don’t you just have your meeting at my house. I said ok and that was the birth of the “Melanin Sister Circle” nonprofit organization start. The sister circle went from 3 to 20ish and still growing. We are breaking cycles and healing ourselves. This is our gift to the future generations to come. This is my gift back to life. After all life is the greatest gift of all. Men are in need of healing. They are placed in a position to protect the wombman of life.

Fast forward 2 weeks after 3 weeks of sister circles…the men kept joining our circle so I decided to put together a brother circle. Barbershop talk. 10 men did about 3 hrs of talking. A lot of healing was exchanged. A lot of releases happened. It was beautiful. Us women evesdropped on the stairs and I cried 3 times. The brothers thanked me. I cried again.

A few nights ago at work I was watching readings and they were all hitting the nail on the head. They said to continue my ancestral healing path because so many people are healing just from being around my energy. Oh and by the way you’re on your way to become a Priestess sooner than soon.

Thankfully I have a friend that is a Priestess. I have friends that are ministers as well. I am very happy about my new found Priestess Hood. However, it is very overwhelming because I am not sure what all comes with this title.

I receive confirmation everyday that I am on the right path. I receive living examples that I am on the right path. There are no rules and there is no guide book. I am simply here paving my own way and writing my own way as I love and live my own way.

Recently I discovered that I am a daughter of the African Yoruba Goddess Oshun. I have always called myself the Goddess of love and peace. I enjoy mirrors and peacocks. I enjoy being worshipped. I am a Priestess meeting people anywhere and inspiring beautiful souls to heal themselves so that they may thrive in life. I am me title or no title.

Destroy the cycle

I usually keep my relationships private to an extent that way I can take my lessons in private if things don’t work out. However my last relationship was public on his end so my thoughts were he’s broadcasting me so why shouldn’t I broadcast him.

Listen to people the first time they tell you what is wrong with them. He told me that he falls fast and is never single for long. I said well try to take the time to work on yourself. I do not fall fast, however, I am usually never single for long either. I prefer to be in a relationship. Sometimes relationships hold you back.

If we do not recognize our life’s cycles that we continuously go through and live out in different scenarios and different subjects but the same plot same theme same denouement…we will continue those same cycles if we do not break them. If we do not change some small detail in the story then it will remain the same and end the same.

I made a few changes. I decided to become unavailable to relationships for as long as it takes. I am enjoying this season of me so selfishly. I am not dating. I am just manifesting and flowing. Attracting abundance. Attracting beautiful things and lots of beautiful people with dope spirits. Living good energy and welcoming this season of abundance into my life. Continuing to let things go. Recognizing the lessons from every situation and making sure that I grab those lessons from the pain love and or hurt experienced. Lessons.

Never will I ever let a man be too quick to broadcast me. Now a lot of his family members are on my Facebook page and we are not even friends let alone together. That’s the part I don’t like. Why include so many people. What’s the point? Why request that we continue to be friends after a breakup? What’s the point? Never let anyone stand in your doorway.

I was always careful about sharing my weaknesses with others because people use them against you.

Sometimes you just have to say “oh you one of those…and keep it moving” remove yourself from the situation. Once I noticed something that I was not feeling…I started monitoring the situation more closely in case I needed to make a complete emergency exit.

Seeing his cycle in plain view. He jumps from serious relationship to relationship then wants to be friends after the breakup. That was truly a first for me. I thank God for allowing me the gift to see people clearly and see through them to their lives just as easily. Recognizing the cycle and removing yourself.

So he meets a girl. Broadcasts her. Waits for me to respond as his rebound responded to his relationship with me. I’m sorry I’m not that girl. I’ll just forget you exist. You will not get anything crazy out of me because it is not there. I gave it all to my ex-husband. I don’t take much of anything personally because it is not my life. It’s their life. My focus is on my life. I removed myself from the cycle. I unfollowed him from all of my pages and only reached out to tell him that I forgive him months later after the removal.

Do you understand when I say I love my peace? I love my damn peace wholeheartedly. I did not always have it and now that I do…I’m extremely protective of it.

I tell people exactly how to lose me and then they do. I’m simple. I like for everything to be on the table. I found myself putting everything on the table and I found my efforts not being matched. First sign. Listen to people the first time that they tell you who they are and what is wrong with them.

I share this because I hate when people give you all the beautiful things about their relationship and every detail of it then breakup and act as if there was never a relationship. So it is over and completely closed. There are lessons in every experience. Thank them for those lessons that help decorate the contribution to the evolution of you and keep it moving. Flowing not forcing.

I provide my own closure.

I have never lost anyone or anything. I make my own self happy and I provide my own peace. When people leave, I am still whole. Nobody belongs to me except me. I belong to me.

Do not limit yourself. Tell the world who you are. Let them catch up to understand what you give.

Life birthed us. We must give life back to life. We must contribute to the generations of life to come after us. Live for this.

Real Dream Interpretation:

I had a dream last night or rather today because I sleep during the day. I dreamed I was fighting to hold on to someone specifically and everything in that path was being destroyed and broken along the way no matter what was touched or how hard I fought, everything ended in destruction and pain.

I had that same dream once before over a decade ago and same results. If it don’t belong to me it was never mine. Holding on to something that doesn’t belong to you will cause you an eternity of pain. Let that hurt go. It doesn’t belong to you.

That’s the language my ancestors speak to me in. That’s how God tells me to stay the path and don’t look back. That’s how I keep my peace. That’s how my mental and emotional equilibrium stays balanced. That’s how easy it is for me to believe you never existed and was only a figment of my imagination. That’s how easy it is for my life to keep going for me to continue evolving into the best version of me.

Beauty of you

I had to take a small hiatus from writing. Call it self love call it a mental break. Sometimes I find myself doing too many things at once. It is the Gemini in me.

I took me break and took a multicounrty vacation to Japan and Indonesia. Japan was for partying and Bali was for my spirit.

I left everything I needed to leave right there in Bali. I was in a lot of pain, everyday I was in pain. I am happy to say I am no longer in pain. The peace is inevitable but the pain was just there. I thought it would never go anywhere. I had embraced the thought that i would always be in pain. The pain became a part of me.

And then a turning point…

I had an epiphany and I let the pain go.

The pain for so long. Letting go of my ex husband’s son after 3 years of divorce. Women always heartbroken over a man. Men come and go like clockwork. Bye. Try on the pain of being heartbroken over a kid that you fell in love with throughout the course of 6 years and then lost. 9 years later. I’m free.

There is no time constraint on the journey to peace. You heal accordingly on your own time at your own pace. Embrace the spirals, they will teach you so much. I’m still healing. Healing does not end. It is ongoing. The pain, however, gone.

I will say I spiritually mentally and emotionally closed the doors that I needed to close while in Bali and I’ve never felt more at peace than I do now.

Close a few doors and a thousand more will open. This is happiness, peace, love, and beauty all wrapped in one. I am drugs. They are addicted to me. I provide a high that they can’t get from anywhere else. I am me. That is the beauty of me.

The main thing you need on your journey to peace…a support team!

Back to helping women to heal themselves and giving back to life by healing ancestral pain for the generations to come. It is up to me to break the cycles of passed down pain that my ancestors grew accustomed to living because they were told “this runs in the family”. It stops right here.

The oracle cards told me that anyone in my presence will receive healing. God is with me every step of the way. The universe loves me. I am my ancestors wildest dreams come true. I love you.

I am here if you need me.

Next stop…free from the military job.

Welcome to the journey to peace

Love is my superpower

People that know me for who I am whether they grew up with me or met me later in life some other time know that I operate off love, it’s always been my frequency. I got it from my grandma and my mama. I believe in being transparent but I also do not believe in sharing every single detail of my life. I like it intimate.

People can only meet you as far as they have met themselves. I’m truly blessed to have the inner circle that I do have both near and far. I don’t have to regularly worry about people projecting their emotions, fears, and insecurities anywhere into my life. That would stress me out. Bc you went through something, you assume I’ll feel the same. Dynamics are different for every situation so nope I don’t feel the same. Bc you feel a certain way about a subject you assume I’ll feel that way too. Nope our temperaments and personalities are very different.

I always look at the big picture but most people don’t know how to do that so they take the lower vibration that’s just on the surface level then they play their emotions off of that. They do not care to go any deeper than the surface to get to the truth. Beware of poor communication skills.

Beware of the people that are eavesdropping and barely hearing what you say so that they may twist your words in an effort to start a conversation that may benefit them. Be aware of the people that feed into lower vibrations bc they are usually hurting more than you’ll ever know. Pay attention so you can save lives.

Love and stay true to those that truly care about you. No matter the situation they didn’t forget your character. Keep them close. An inner circle is not easy to build. I love my soul tribe and wouldn’t trade them for the world.

I am not perfect. I’m not always happy, not always at peace, but I do love above all no matter when, where, or what. Love is my superpower.



What you don’t tell them. They won’t know. They’ll assume bc that’s what people do best. Always worried about your next move before they make their first move. They can’t pray against you if you don’t tell them. They can’t be jealous of you living your life if you don’t show them. The problem today is that we overshare. The simple intimacy of beautiful things is lost in a selfie hidden with behind a filter. Your true self is silenced. They don’t want you to be who you are. They want a robot because society needs the fake. Everything around you encourages you to be something or encourages you to be nothing. We consume so many things that affect us in various ways. Ask yourself are you slowly dying or are you living from your consumption. If only there was a class to learn how to live and enjoy life. Life is a class. What lesson did you learn today of better yet what lesson did you teach today?

90s RnB or else

Confession: I was a nerdy but cool yearbook journalist in high school lol hence the collage! I’m a hopeless romantic and I find myself always craving 90s! 90s music, 90s vibe, 90s clothing, 90s tv shows, 90s movies, 90s mood…now-n-laters!! so I was telling my gf that it would’ve been cool to go to high school, college, and date in the 90s. I miss our bootyshaking mixtape music but also our sweet R&B melodies. My gf reminded me that we witnessed it all growing up and how amazing it was to grow up 90s style. The beauty is when I’m feeling nostalgic, Pandora takes me there! But check the poem within the collage. Spontaneous lol. More than love. It’s a whole vibe. 💜


Magic of you

The way the beautiful mind works is so magical! Gets me every time. The thought processes are interchanging but the degree of learning from one another is just so intoxicating to me whether I won or lost out on a situation. I am thankful for the experience regardless. Apparently business ventures call for 3 Instagram pages lol.

A few weeks ago I decided to embark on a business venture. I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to make an investment, make a profit from it, and help people in the process. We invest our time, energy, emotions, love, and pain into things all the time without a sounding promise of anything in return. We basically live on loan and give others unlimited interest on our minds, hearts, and souls. Why not give ourselves unlimited interest on all of the above if we can give it to someone else so easily. Success feels like lots of rainbows chasing you! Instagram: Ladybeautyboutique

As a people, we all have many passions and skills. We develop skills throughout our lives but we are born with passions. We have the power to create our work when we want to. I have a love for beautiful things and making people feel their best just off my energy alone. I love to help others. I have a passion for simply giving love because I believe that everyone deserves to feel love.

All of my business ventures revolve around helping others. Look inside yourself and unlearn everything that you’ve been told that causes you to fear standing out from the rest. Unlearn everything that you’ve been told to cause you to bury your passions that you had as a child. The truth is we all have these dreams as children and then they are dispelled because we are told dreams don’t make money. Few parents actually believe in their children and few friends actually believe in their friends. People want to see you do good just not better than them. Let that marinate. I am thankful to have real and true supporting family and friends when it comes to all of my goals, business ventures, successes, and beautiful failures.

Life is about success, failure, making beautiful connections with beautiful souls, and making ageless memories full of soul. Love love in the moment of NOW. That means laugh in the rain, smile in the sun, and heal through the storm. If you want to rewrite your story, rewrite it. You have the power to change whatever you need to so that you can live by and in accordance with you. Understand that not everything has to look like everything else.

Enjoy life through the guise of you. So this is not a how to- but a live by-

Live by whatever places you in your element

Live by whatever brings you peace

Live by your greatest desires

Live by the strength you gained from the pain endured

Live by your own recognition for the things you’ve done

Live by your own satisfaction

Live by your own approval

Live by your own love

Instagram: journeytopeacelove

Coachella 2018! Finally…I’ll be blogging a how-to on purchasing tickets and everything else needed to know about the run-down on start-finish coachella fun. Get ready! Instagram: mrspeachez

Super Saiyan Energy Flow

I’ve been having a strong craving lately to write, to paint, and to just sit back and observe the world around me. I love people watching and I love looking at the ocean because it is never-ending. I have been researching to see what little things that I can do to improve my blog. Most of what I have found says to keep the posts 500 words and under, also including bullets. People like bullets so if you look at a few previous posts before this post then you’ll see the growth of my bulleted lists because practice eventually makes perfect right. I miss writing poetry and painting but I’m sure I will make time for both soon if I can ever stop watching “AWrinkle in Time” because lately it is all I have been watching. It is everything I stand for and preach 24/7 raise those vibrations.

I just got my hair dyed after having a year’s long debate about it with myself. A few of my arguments were that I cannot wear blonde hair to work so how will I pull that off? Then I thought about it, most people go in to work with a disguise so what is the difference? Well the difference is, this is who I am. I have refused to lose myself to my job for years as I watch some people do every day. I have succeeded in remaining true to myself and not drinking the poison. My subordinates respect me even more for my truth. I stand in defiance against something that says that everyone is different but must look and act the same. What the heck of an oxymoron that is? Okay I’ll wear my hair pulled back but underneath it all, I am me. Blonde and powerful as can be. I am a Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyans have different levels. Humans have different levels. Either vibrations are high or they are low. If they are low then there is black, there is darkness such as greed, envy, grief, hatred, vengeance, retribution, violence, and etc. If the vibrations are high then the hair is big, bright, blonde, and flowing with positive energy. When we are challenged throughout life, we have the power to decide how we want to feel and react to that force of energy. There is a shield of energy formed around the super sayian to defend himself. This is the aura form of the human. Either a human’s aura is weak or strong. Weak auras are susceptible to negative energies and all bad things. They succumb to darkness and dark feelings. Strong auras deflect negative energy and they are more resilient because they bounce right back from hard times. When a strong aura is attacked, it does not dwell on the attack itself. It uses the attack to add to their strength. When we are attacked as humans, we are supposed to use those attacks as a lesson in life. All things in life that happen to us are tools to use later on in our life experience throughout our human existence. We take those lessons of failure and shape them into success.  Pink is an even higher level of peace and I aspire to be have my hair dyed pink one day in the near future.

How to Raise your Vibrations

1. Gratitude

2. Forgive

3. Enjoy

4. Listen

5. Observe

6. Pleasure

7. Give

8. Flow

9. Experiment

10. Engage

Vibrate higher Super Saiyan final form!

I’m a Super Saiyan duh!

Do not reduce yourself for people. Do not reduce yourself so they can understand you or so they can feel comfortable around you. That is emotional abuse. Make them come to your level to get you but do not go down to get them. Meet people where they are in life not for their past or potential but who they are in the present day. People change.

Keep a 🚫NO LOW vibrations posted in your life. Either they vibrating on my frequency or above it bc I am not coming down off my cloud to go get them. They will have to do the work to get to me. Vibrate high. Once I sense fake, I chop it off bc it’ll spread like cancer and affect everything else in my life if I don’t remove it. If it’s not authentic keep it away from me. I like my life real.

Can’t talk butterfly language to caterpillar minds. People only understand you from their level of perspective in life not yours. You speaking giraffe and they’re gossiping turtle smh. They don’t understand you bc they aren’t there yet. Let life learn them.

The goal is to not produce or be a product of any unnecessary trauma. Leave it better or leave it alone. Always try to leave things better than you found them.

Vibrate higher…Super Sayian

10 ways to a healthy escape

What is this feeling?

It feels like extra weight and it feels so cold. I just want to be held through it. I’m trying to figure out where did it come from all of a sudden because just yesterday I was fine and last week I was smiling but now I just want to lay here and not move. I have so many reasons to be happy but I feel sad idk adversity I guess. It’s weird because I would rather be happy but maybe I just need to feel the sadness for now and defeat the adversaries so that it can pass over and not interrupt me later on. It is ok to not be okay. Don’t ever let someone tell you that it is not. They could be potentially cheating you out of your peace. Once you realize you’re not okay, that is when the weight starts to feel a little lighter.

Truth is, we will always carry the weight of all our experiences in life. Sometimes the weight is heavier than other days but as we heal and go through the pain of the weight, it starts to feel lighter. The weight will never not be there but it will feel like it was never there eventually as time goes on. Some hurt lasts forever though and it’s the type that you don’t want to go away because if it does, so do all the memories. We can’t pick and choose what memories we want to keep yet. Without the bad memories, we can’t have the good and vice versa. We have to take the bad with the good in order to fully experience the fruit of our memories.

Music…it reignites everything right? Be careful how you use music because it can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Music is a weapon that should be safely guarded.

Guard your ears because sometimes they hear things that are not true.

Guard your heart because sometimes it feels things that aren’t real.

Guard your mind because sometimes it seeks things that shouldn’t be believed.

Music does help carry the weight of it all though and for that reason, we continue to abuse ourselves. Today is a day to do nothing and think about nothing. I’ll write the research paper tomorrow.

What helps when we feel anxiety, depression, and stress creeping up? What can we do to help the weight feel lighter?

10 ways to release & find our way back to peace.

1. Let your mind breathe

2. Think about nothing at all

3. Escape with music

4. Escape with a book

5. Get lost in a tv show series

6. Call loved ones

7. Massage therapy

8. Nature

9. Put your feelings on paper

10. Teach yourself something new.