90s RnB or else

Confession: I was a nerdy but cool yearbook journalist in high school lol hence the collage! I’m a hopeless romantic and I find myself always craving 90s! 90s music, 90s vibe, 90s clothing, 90s tv shows, 90s movies, 90s mood…now-n-laters!! so I was telling my gf that it would’ve been cool to go to high school, college, and date in the 90s. I miss our bootyshaking mixtape music but also our sweet R&B melodies. My gf reminded me that we witnessed it all growing up and how amazing it was to grow up 90s style. The beauty is when I’m feeling nostalgic, Pandora takes me there! But check the poem within the collage. Spontaneous lol. More than love. It’s a whole vibe. 💜


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