Magic of you

The way the beautiful mind works is so magical! Gets me every time. The thought processes are interchanging but the degree of learning from one another is just so intoxicating to me whether I won or lost out on a situation. I am thankful for the experience regardless. Apparently business ventures call for 3 Instagram pages lol.

A few weeks ago I decided to embark on a business venture. I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to make an investment, make a profit from it, and help people in the process. We invest our time, energy, emotions, love, and pain into things all the time without a sounding promise of anything in return. We basically live on loan and give others unlimited interest on our minds, hearts, and souls. Why not give ourselves unlimited interest on all of the above if we can give it to someone else so easily. Success feels like lots of rainbows chasing you! Instagram: Ladybeautyboutique

As a people, we all have many passions and skills. We develop skills throughout our lives but we are born with passions. We have the power to create our work when we want to. I have a love for beautiful things and making people feel their best just off my energy alone. I love to help others. I have a passion for simply giving love because I believe that everyone deserves to feel love.

All of my business ventures revolve around helping others. Look inside yourself and unlearn everything that you’ve been told that causes you to fear standing out from the rest. Unlearn everything that you’ve been told to cause you to bury your passions that you had as a child. The truth is we all have these dreams as children and then they are dispelled because we are told dreams don’t make money. Few parents actually believe in their children and few friends actually believe in their friends. People want to see you do good just not better than them. Let that marinate. I am thankful to have real and true supporting family and friends when it comes to all of my goals, business ventures, successes, and beautiful failures.

Life is about success, failure, making beautiful connections with beautiful souls, and making ageless memories full of soul. Love love in the moment of NOW. That means laugh in the rain, smile in the sun, and heal through the storm. If you want to rewrite your story, rewrite it. You have the power to change whatever you need to so that you can live by and in accordance with you. Understand that not everything has to look like everything else.

Enjoy life through the guise of you. So this is not a how to- but a live by-

Live by whatever places you in your element

Live by whatever brings you peace

Live by your greatest desires

Live by the strength you gained from the pain endured

Live by your own recognition for the things you’ve done

Live by your own satisfaction

Live by your own approval

Live by your own love

Instagram: journeytopeacelove

Coachella 2018! Finally…I’ll be blogging a how-to on purchasing tickets and everything else needed to know about the run-down on start-finish coachella fun. Get ready! Instagram: mrspeachez

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