Super Saiyan Energy Flow

I’ve been having a strong craving lately to write, to paint, and to just sit back and observe the world around me. I love people watching and I love looking at the ocean because it is never-ending. I have been researching to see what little things that I can do to improve my blog. Most of what I have found says to keep the posts 500 words and under, also including bullets. People like bullets so if you look at a few previous posts before this post then you’ll see the growth of my bulleted lists because practice eventually makes perfect right. I miss writing poetry and painting but I’m sure I will make time for both soon if I can ever stop watching “AWrinkle in Time” because lately it is all I have been watching. It is everything I stand for and preach 24/7 raise those vibrations.

I just got my hair dyed after having a year’s long debate about it with myself. A few of my arguments were that I cannot wear blonde hair to work so how will I pull that off? Then I thought about it, most people go in to work with a disguise so what is the difference? Well the difference is, this is who I am. I have refused to lose myself to my job for years as I watch some people do every day. I have succeeded in remaining true to myself and not drinking the poison. My subordinates respect me even more for my truth. I stand in defiance against something that says that everyone is different but must look and act the same. What the heck of an oxymoron that is? Okay I’ll wear my hair pulled back but underneath it all, I am me. Blonde and powerful as can be. I am a Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyans have different levels. Humans have different levels. Either vibrations are high or they are low. If they are low then there is black, there is darkness such as greed, envy, grief, hatred, vengeance, retribution, violence, and etc. If the vibrations are high then the hair is big, bright, blonde, and flowing with positive energy. When we are challenged throughout life, we have the power to decide how we want to feel and react to that force of energy. There is a shield of energy formed around the super sayian to defend himself. This is the aura form of the human. Either a human’s aura is weak or strong. Weak auras are susceptible to negative energies and all bad things. They succumb to darkness and dark feelings. Strong auras deflect negative energy and they are more resilient because they bounce right back from hard times. When a strong aura is attacked, it does not dwell on the attack itself. It uses the attack to add to their strength. When we are attacked as humans, we are supposed to use those attacks as a lesson in life. All things in life that happen to us are tools to use later on in our life experience throughout our human existence. We take those lessons of failure and shape them into success.  Pink is an even higher level of peace and I aspire to be have my hair dyed pink one day in the near future.

How to Raise your Vibrations

1. Gratitude

2. Forgive

3. Enjoy

4. Listen

5. Observe

6. Pleasure

7. Give

8. Flow

9. Experiment

10. Engage

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