Vibrate higher Super Saiyan final form!

I’m a Super Saiyan duh!

Do not reduce yourself for people. Do not reduce yourself so they can understand you or so they can feel comfortable around you. That is emotional abuse. Make them come to your level to get you but do not go down to get them. Meet people where they are in life not for their past or potential but who they are in the present day. People change.

Keep a 🚫NO LOW vibrations posted in your life. Either they vibrating on my frequency or above it bc I am not coming down off my cloud to go get them. They will have to do the work to get to me. Vibrate high. Once I sense fake, I chop it off bc it’ll spread like cancer and affect everything else in my life if I don’t remove it. If it’s not authentic keep it away from me. I like my life real.

Can’t talk butterfly language to caterpillar minds. People only understand you from their level of perspective in life not yours. You speaking giraffe and they’re gossiping turtle smh. They don’t understand you bc they aren’t there yet. Let life learn them.

The goal is to not produce or be a product of any unnecessary trauma. Leave it better or leave it alone. Always try to leave things better than you found them.

Vibrate higher…Super Sayian

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