10 ways to a healthy escape

What is this feeling?

It feels like extra weight and it feels so cold. I just want to be held through it. I’m trying to figure out where did it come from all of a sudden because just yesterday I was fine and last week I was smiling but now I just want to lay here and not move. I have so many reasons to be happy but I feel sad idk adversity I guess. It’s weird because I would rather be happy but maybe I just need to feel the sadness for now and defeat the adversaries so that it can pass over and not interrupt me later on. It is ok to not be okay. Don’t ever let someone tell you that it is not. They could be potentially cheating you out of your peace. Once you realize you’re not okay, that is when the weight starts to feel a little lighter.

Truth is, we will always carry the weight of all our experiences in life. Sometimes the weight is heavier than other days but as we heal and go through the pain of the weight, it starts to feel lighter. The weight will never not be there but it will feel like it was never there eventually as time goes on. Some hurt lasts forever though and it’s the type that you don’t want to go away because if it does, so do all the memories. We can’t pick and choose what memories we want to keep yet. Without the bad memories, we can’t have the good and vice versa. We have to take the bad with the good in order to fully experience the fruit of our memories.

Music…it reignites everything right? Be careful how you use music because it can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Music is a weapon that should be safely guarded.

Guard your ears because sometimes they hear things that are not true.

Guard your heart because sometimes it feels things that aren’t real.

Guard your mind because sometimes it seeks things that shouldn’t be believed.

Music does help carry the weight of it all though and for that reason, we continue to abuse ourselves. Today is a day to do nothing and think about nothing. I’ll write the research paper tomorrow.

What helps when we feel anxiety, depression, and stress creeping up? What can we do to help the weight feel lighter?

10 ways to release & find our way back to peace.

1. Let your mind breathe

2. Think about nothing at all

3. Escape with music

4. Escape with a book

5. Get lost in a tv show series

6. Call loved ones

7. Massage therapy

8. Nature

9. Put your feelings on paper

10. Teach yourself something new.

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