Avoiding & Neutralizing

What is this social media and games for anyway? From Instagram to Facebook, twitter, all the way back to the infamous MySpace. MySpace started all of this mayhem. Now people won’t even look up at each other to share a conversation because they are too busy trying to Snapchat their food. Stuck on their electronic devices disconnected from earth.

This neglect does not go unnoticed since the people are being punished with electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) from the very devices they ignore the earth for. The earth wants our attention and the people that ignore it are getting sick from the radiation emitting from the phone, WiFi routers, etc.

Unless one is woke enough to protect themselves, we are all at risk. Googling the harmful effects of EMF as we continue to ingest technology because we surely cannot get enough of it from social media to games played for long periods of time.



-DNA changes


The list goes on…

The ex (earth) wants to love you and the current (technology devices) is deceiving you. Choose to love the Earth.

Fighting EMF by avoiding & neutralizing

1. Crystals neutralize ions (crystals)

2. Himalayan pink salt lamp

3. Unplug household items not in use

4. Buy a sticker shield for devices

5. Use a headset for the cell phone

6. Ground yourself (barefoot in grass)

What a disaster that something that was supposed to help has become.

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