Getting Wiggy

You may think that wigs cost a ton of money but if you buying them with thought, they don’t. I just bought 5 wigs for under $200 but it took me 20 minutes to decide! 1 wig usually costs $300 or more by itself. You can achieve the same look the celebrities have for less. I buy both human and synthetic hair wigs from everyday beauty supply and hair stores. A reasonable price for me is $50-60 for human hair wigs. For synthetic wigs, $25-40 is the general price range. I love color so factor that into your decision making as well if you love color like me. Also, most places will give you 10% off the wig if you buy it off the mannequin head. Keep all of this in mind while you are shopping.

First things first PATTERNS!




-loose wave


-Tight curl

-Lose curl


-kinky curly

-kinky straight

And so many more types.

1. Choose a hair pattern

2. Decide type of lace and feel throughout wigs for lace comfort. You’re looking for something soft and light in weight. Something that will fit your head comfortably.

3. Run your fingers through the hair to make sure it doesn’t tangle and or shed a lot. You want minimal shedding and little to no tangling.

4. Pluck the “part” of the wig to make it appear more natural. If it is s full lace frontal then you want to trim and pluck the edges as well to create a natural appearing hairline.

5. When you take your wig off, store it in a safe place. I take care of my wigs and some are years old. I apply mousse to refresh the curls and sometimes oil sheen. I don’t apply any other products because they create buildup. Take care of your wigs and they will last a long time.

6. Take care of your hair and nurture it beneath the wig as well. Wigs are protective styles. Natural hair vs wigs.

This is all it takes to not spend an arm and a leg on wigs. Spread the love and happy wig shopping to you!

10 thoughts on “Getting Wiggy

  1. Yess!! So many people neglect to take care of their synthetic wigs! But if you are good to them, they WILL be good to you. I have a wigive work for over a year and it STILL looks fresh! Great tips Kris! ❤️

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