Nitty Gritty air travel

I challenge you to examine your numerology number!!

Anyway so I want to talk about travel today and how to travel as easily as possible. No need to book a travel agent when all of the information is readily available to you!

-We can start with buying a flight.

-Download Hopper app

-Select dates

-Monitor flight

-Buy flight

First thing I do is figure what month I want to travel. I use the app hopper to help me decide on specific dates because it gives a price overview breakdown of month and day. You decide which dates and then you select watch and hopper will notify when the price of tickets drop so that you can buy them. Hopper notified me at 8am a few months ago that my hawaii to ga flight had dropped to $300! I woke up and bought that flight so fast I think it’s the fastest I’ve ever woke up and gotten up. I use hopper to decide what airline to purchase tickets from and when. I generally stay away from holidays and big events bc Airlines increase their prices. I have found that American Airlines always have great hawaii deals well for me, their flights have been the cheapest. Now that we have bought a ticket, let’s discuss how to save money on extra flight & hotel expenses.

-Save money & Time and do CARRY-On

-Pack light


-Check-in online & straight to TSA

-no baggage claim waits or lost baggage or air b&b

CARRY-on only if you can help it instead of checking bags. I have a fear of losing my bags so I always do carry-on plus small personal item when I’m vacationing. Small duffle and a backpack for me.

The weather of the trip determines how I pack. If it is a warm trip to somewhere tropical then I pack about 3 sundresses, 4 swimsuits, 2 pair of shorts, pj’s, light coat/cardigan, flip flops. Travel size toiletries. I pack enough to leave room for my souvenirs. In Thailand, I ended up buying a new bag as a souvenir smh. If it is a cold trip then I pack 2-3 pair of jeans, 4 long sleeve shirts, 1-2 short sleeves, pair of sneakers, and cute heels. Everything fits into a duffle. I put my snacks and electronics in my backpack. Realistically, I have 3 personal items but I consolidate them into 1 bc the other 2 bags fit into my backpack. Boom no checked bag fees! Now what can we do after we arrive to our destination.

-Plan your days

-YouTube & google

-Facebook travel pages/groups

My vacation length is what determines the planning for it. I only spent 4 days in Thailand so I googled and YouTubed to figure out exactly what I wanted to do since I only had a short time there. I decided on creating a 4 day itinerary myself that included specific bars and activities that we would attend. I chose rollerball zorbing and tiger kingdom for my group. We hit patong beach and Bangla road and truly lived spontaneously! Must Took Took!

-Use dating apps to mingle with locals in close proximity to figure out specific day activities.

Our restaurants and bites to eat were all of spontaneous adventure and so were our amazing Thai massages $20 for an hour so I tipped $20. On the other hand if my trip is a week or 2 then I sort of play it all by ear and that is when I have the most amazing time! I spent a week in Jamaica and we just chose something at the desk to do as the days progressed. Each day was a new adventure with our favorite tour guide. Find a local tour guide you vibe with and you’ll be contributing to a family instead of a business.

Puerto Rico was extremely spontaneous! I actually used the dating app “plenty of fish” to get a consensus from the locals of where to go for fun not dating just fun. My consensus included popular tourist club Brava and popular local hangout La Placita! La Placita was my favorite part of Puerto Rico! I love to delve in to the culture of where I am. In Puerto Rico the party starts on thurs and ends on Sunday! We rented a car and had a blast. Next time I go I’m staying in San Juan off the strip and will not rent a car.

There are certain places you’ll go that will require a lot more planning to get the best bang for your buck so research the places ahead of time using google, YouTube, and Facebook travel groups like girls love travel! There are a variety of different groups that have a lot to offer a new traveler. Open your mind and explore all of your options. Talk to friends you see traveling frequently bc they may also have great tips for travel. I made the mistake of not planning for a Paris Friday night out. My friend and I ended up just walking the street mingling because even the locals were asking us what to do. Oh and you had to be on the list to get in and if you were not then you had to buy a bottle. Um $400. Nope we are good and we will walk the streets and mingle. Make sure you plan your Friday night in Paris!

With all of that said, Pack light, plan your day, enjoy every moment. Get the money you put into your trip right back out of your trip! Traveling is living.

My travel is all about healing and truly part of my Journey to Peace! The world is so big and each place I visit will always hold a special place in my heart. I encourage you to book a flight to the first place that comes to your mind. Thailand and Bali are currently on my mind. Time to book the flights and gain even more travel insight into more travel knowledge. The more you know!

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