Tribute to Time

Tribute to Time.

Time, without you I would not know how to live in every moment. Without you I would not understand the past. As you go on, I get wiser and wiser. Without you, I would likely take so much of life for granted. Time, I truly appreciate you even though you were not on my list of tributes initially, I mean somehow I forgot about you. How ironic right? I forgot about you. I want to apologize because sometimes I forget that you will not always be there. Everyone calls you father but I know that you’re like a mother because you tell us to take care that you are precious and that you’re not to be played with. Time, you are our keeper and it’s hard to believe that so many people lose track of you. You are here to help us and guide us through life. It is through you that we learn lessons and are reminded later the reason why we had to learn those lessons to be where we are. Time, I must say that the future nor the past is more important than how much you are right now in this moment. Thank you Time for allowing me to see you for who you are and showing me that life goes on. The world revolves simply around you and so does the entire universe so you must be true. If we could all focus more on you and not procrastinate then maybe people wouldn’t have so many regrets if they just took life a little slower with you instead of rushing things through and not remembering all the memories with you. Time, I want you to know that you are beautiful and people should pay more attention to you. You are truly the essence of us all. Oh my, how you fly by #peachyquote

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