Fruit of the Living

Don’t be afraid to live. What’s the worst that can happen. Here’s to zip-lining in the pouring rain then escaping flooding roads with a 2 hr trip around the island of Oahu.

Good news! Got the tires today without any complications so all 4 pillars of my being are ready to rock and roll yall! Let’s go!

So many people talk about dying and going to Heaven. What it takes to get to Heaven. Or they talk about what animal they want to be in a reincarnation or that’s what they believe in. I’d rather not focus on any of that. We are all spiritual beings in an Earth Suit that were put here on Earth to get it right. You only live once is so many people motto so they try to live like they are dying tomorrow. I say put the spin on that and live like you are living forever. What’s this red team versus the blue team and if we can speak our life into existence then why aren’t people not speaking beauty, freedom, peace, and love into existence?

Do they not know how beautiful these abstract things feel? I am so worried about the world that we live in. People need so much healing as I’m sitting here researching professional cuddling laughing out loud. I truly just want to heal the world one broken soul at a time. I think in order to do that we need to be open and honest with ourselves to make sure we aren’t just spreading brokenness disguised in a help form. Talking to my amazing stylist, she said I love that everyone wants to be a spiritual advisor and give advice but what if they are not living what they preach. What if they don’t have any temperance nor control over their emotions but here they are trying to give advice to someone as if their way is the right way. My thoughts are that if they do not have temperance then they cannot welcome other emotions that are not like their own and they will only be able to meet people at their own level. Nothing more nothing less. So my take is when you have a negative person giving you advice on your life and spiritually advising through their broken spirit then they are spreading negativity and brokenness. This is sad but it happens all of the time and I see it. Partly because misery loves company so you have to be careful with venting because some people take pleasure in pain. Some people get a rush from your misery. You have allowed some people to feel better at the expense of your prolonged emotional pain. I’m not saying don’t vent, I’m only saying be careful of the spirit that you vent to because just because it shines bright from the outside does not mean that it is shining bright on the inside.

I will tell you that most people that vent to me, I leave them better than I found them. I do not leave them to dwell on their pain or encourage them to live painful lives, I help them to release it in multiple ways and I help them to live their lives the way that they want to or the life they aspire. I do not leave them only to their sadness, I tell them that they need to completely feel every emotion regarding the pain in order to face the pain, deal with the pain, and heal from the pain in their own time because this is their journey to peace. Some people give up completely just because they were hurt. They are afraid to be hurt again. I’m sorry, did you die? Nope, you’re still here. Heal yourself from inside out and continue on with your life. Whoever hurt you does not deserve the satisfaction of gifting you with a life full of pain and grudge held blessing barrier. That’s right, grudges block your blessings. Forgive them and let go of everything that was holding you where you were because you are no longer there.

I have forgiven so many people in my life including the people that did not even know that they hurt me. I forgive others so that I can have peace. My forgiveness counts to me whether they know I forgave them or not. Sometimes they don’t even know they hurt me and it is not my job to tell them, although sometimes I do because I believe that there is a lesson in everything. However, we are too old to be telling grown people what they did wrong to get dismissed from our lives. I don’t hate anyone but I do love people from a distance. Everyone is not a friend. So don’t call or make everyone a friend. Some people are just associates, acquaintances, and temporary friends. Do not try to keep people that were never meant to stay because they will bring you great pain if they do not want to be there. This does not mean that people that are experiencing a phase in life that requires their personal time and attention deserve to be left behind or forgotten. Do not forget them because you could be forgetting or leaving behind something very special. I am simply saying let them be what they are to you, who they show you that they are, and that is your answer to the puzzle. People that want to stay will talk and behave like they want to stay and people that want to go will SIMPLY go SO JUST LET THEM. I have learned a valuable lesson in all of those titles and all of the puzzle pieces fit perfectly. I thank all of those people for their lessons. Nobody teaches us the true keys in life. I don’t know everything but I do have a few ideas so I’ll share them with you.

I believe that we are meant to live free first and foremost. Do not let other people attempt to control your life just so they can say they helped you with their low vibrational skills. Unfortunately, most people are not at the spiritual level to understand situations from multiple perspectives. They can only see things as deeply as they have seen and or met themselves so they meeting you on their level. What if you are spiritually above their level then whatever they have to say or encourage does not coincide with your life. It is not your responsibility to take advice from others. In fact, that’s one of the worst low vibrational things that you could ever do. Others are influenced by society. Please live your life for you. That means if you want to mess up and it is not going to kill you then go mess up laughing out loud. It’s your life to live how you want to live it.

The deeper picture is that we have to go through whatever we need to go through for ourselves to get our lesson out of it. However, people sometimes waste too much time focusing on their past feelings and worrying about the future rather than evoking new senses and sensations that have not even been discovered yet within themselves. I feel like we are all bigger than what we think that we have been given.  It is up to us to unleash our true power and prove to ourselves that we are bigger than what we have been given. The resources are right in front of us to do so, we just need to open our eyes and perform at our final form (DragonballZ reference).

Love, happiness, power, courage, but it all comes down to cancelling out the root of all issues. Cancel out the fear of what may happen because of what has happened. Cancel out fear and how you used to feel and consider focus on the current feeling of what you’re feeling right now. Living in the now. It is great to learn from the past but some people get lost and continue to live in it all while watching their whole lives past them by. Fear keeps so many people in their place. Please do not become a prisoner of fear. Live for you and overcome all of your fears. They wake up and say I wish I would have done or had done or had lived life like…

Apparently they thought about all of the wrong things. I can say this is because most people are taught to love and value things. People are always hurting so they end up not being valued. For some reason the concrete things cancel out the people. What is becoming of humanity? The money, cars, clothes, and other concrete things are what is being given the most time rather than the abstract beautiful things like pain and pleasure. Love and Peace. Desire and Disaster. All those memories wasted on a what could’ve been…

You can have all the abstract without having the concrete. It’s all in the mind. You have to work on using your power to condition your eyes to see what it is that you’d want to see. You have to transform the illusion of your life into whatever you want it to be. It’s nice to have everything that I have but I’m convinced that I’d still have all of my abstract things even if I did not have the concrete things. I’d still have my peace, spirituality, my big heart, my love, my energy, faith in God, and my faith in a better world even without clothes, money, cars, and all those other things that don’t really matter. I’d probably be even closer to peace and love ultimately achieving the highest form of my spiritual goals simply by not having all of those things.  All of those things are just distractions and they are not real. They are just a level to complete so we can get out and go on to the next. Will you fail or succeed from working about all of those concrete things that don’t matter. Things you see that you think you want but really want a difference in your life. I was sent here to tell you that they are distractions and the world is so much bigger than what we all believe. Get a taste of everything at your fingertips before it slips away.

In a Facebook post with a new Facebook friend that kind of thinks like me, he said we will live forever. It made me think of an episode of “Black Mirror” and my response was that We can live forever but at some point will we exhaust the will of living. In the episode of “Black Mirror”, they have the option to die and then live forever in a simulation. A lot of those people within the simulation are miserable no matter what year of their life they travel back or forward into through time. Regardless, they are still broken souls because they died broken souls. I came to the conclusion that maybe that is the goal. The goal is to live as beautiful as possible for as long as we can.

What does living beautiful require?

1. A life of PEACE.

2. FALLING IN LOVE with others and with life because you get to experience so much all at once

3. Facing FEAR and having the COURAGE to overpower it and overcome whatever situation has you

4. Connections and INTIMACY. Life itself is intimate and through those connections you feel all life

Please share your thoughts on your top things that living beautiful require or means to you. I love the minds and opinions of others.

Thank you for sharing.

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