Animal love vs foodie

Love of my life. Her name is Fancy and I’ve had her since 2009.

I have always been an animal lover. When I was 5 years old. Wait let me run that back and talk about these past few days and the battle with Hawaii nature. As you know, I’m always in competition for my breath with the vog (volcanic ash from Kona, Hawaii). Well last week that vog attacked me something serious. I woke up to the left side of my face being bigger than the right side. My entire left side of my face swelled up and I couldn’t even open my mouth. Needless to say, I could barely eat or swallow anything. My lymph nodes were completely swollen. What’s the first thing I do I mean duh what’s the first thing that most of us do? I GOOGLED! So google says to gargle salt water, use a warm compress, and to massage the lymph nodes. MASSAGE THE LYMPH NODES! I made a salt water bottle and warm compress right away….nothing. I got to work and youtubed to end up finding a great video on massaging the lymph nodes for lymphatic relief. Maybe I did something wrong or maybe the vog just wasn’t having it because a day later I flared up even more and woke up in pain. I decided not to go to work that night and went to the hospital instead. At the hospital, I got a refill on my inhaler, flonase, some allegra, and some steroids to ease the swelling. Add that to my Zyrtec and Cingular as well. Wayyyyy to much medicine for my comfort so at this point it’s either my health or Hawaii. It’s time to go. The hospital visit did some good and the pain has finally subsided or it could be that there was not any vog today.

You’d think that I spent the weekend miserable and grumpy, but I didn’t. I used the time to meditate and find peace in a very difficult decision that my heart has been looming on for a while. I feel at peace with my decision after talking to God for a few days about it. I lit my candles, did some homework, and read my current book “Lust for Life” by Sylvester McNutt III. I also made a few other decisions like continuing not drinking alcohol socially but only on true organic special occasions like my Grandmother’s birthday Party. It’s a celebration in itself. 2018 is the year of all types of health above all things. Mental health and clarity. If alcohol is not clouding my judgement, I should make some pretty sound decisions. So far my clarity has been on point. Thinking crystal clearly is so rewarding I mean I wrote out an entire business plan in 10 minutes laughing out loud. But life happens right.

Why is it that we know when something is wrong but we still wait to take care of it shaking my head? I had a slow leak in one of my tires but the tire place said I needed 4 tires so I decided to wait for whatever reason. Everyday I’m putting air in this one tire, trying to fix it up to hit the road for a few minutes. Then I find myself putting air in it on the way in to work and on the way from work. Something has got to give right. Finally I’m forced to give laughing out loud. I wake up after 2 days of not driving my car and the tire is completely flat so I have no choice but to call AAA to change it. They arrive, and my spare is not in the trunk because when it was last changed, they did not put it back. Priorities and first things first. So my choices come down to getting my car towed and missing my hair appointment or…yes I’ll think about it today and take action tomorrow. Often times, we move too quickly on our thoughts instead of sitting on them to think about the best move to make. With me, it’s literally peace over everything. I put peace before it all. First things first, HAIR. This would relieve all of my stress from the week including Monday and bring me so much PEACE. I ubered to my hair appointment and caught a ride to work with a coworker that lived near me. I usually think pretty quickly but I sit on my thoughts for a while to really meditate and think about my final decision. After careful thought, I have come to the conclusion that I will get the 4 tires tomorrow. It is best to repair all 4 pillars than just take care of one. If one is off then the entire structure is off. Mental, Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional health. Above all, we must take care of those in order to be the absolute best version of ourselves.

My physical health is my next goal to work on. So back to what I was saying in the beginning, I have always loved animals. I had a pig named Wilbur, a cat named Iguana because of her color pattern, a dog named Teddy, 2 dogs named Blackie and Brownie for obvious reasons, a parrot named Pauley, and a rabbit I won at the county fair named Sarah. At 5 years old, I was given Wilbur to take care of so that he’d grow big and strong. They picked Wilbur up one day and I did not see him again for a while. Sitting at the table eating some meat and grits for breakfast with my mom one day, I asked her what the meat was and she said oh that’s Wilbur. Talk about traumatizing shaking my head. Iguana, whom I was terribly allergic too, died from ingesting a moth ball at the new house we’d moved to. My mom bought Pauley to replace her. Pauley danced to music whenever I played any songs on the radio. He enjoyed eating the cardboard at the bottom of his cage and one day I came home from school to find him legs up, dead. My mom said probably constipated from eating the cardboard was the cause of his death. Sarah was beautiful and gray like my new purse I just bought in her honor. My greatgrandmother took the liberty of deciding to make rabbit stew one day so no more Sarah. I came home from school to feed her one day and there was a big hole in her cage, of course she was missing. With all of my love for animals, you’d think that I’d be a vegetarian already.

This has been a tough decision for me but with all of the new health advancements and variety of meat replacements, I do think that it is possible now. Living in Hawaii has definitely helped to ease me into more fruits and vegetables. About 2 years ago, I did try a raw diet challenge, and I loved the change in my physical body and energy. This reason alone has made me consider healthier choices for some time now. Little by little, I cut out processed foods and stuck to the outer sections of the grocery store like produce. I lowered my carbohydrates and my sugars. Health is literally a lifestyle for me and working on my physical health, I’ve decided I need to kick it up an even further knotch. I have been researching Vegan meals and Vegan lifestyles. This is not “what the health reaction” or a “Beyonce said go Vegan for Coachella reaction”. This is something that I have been slowly transitioning into without even knowing it. My biggest challenge will be Korean Bbq and Seafood. Those are my 2 favorite things to eat. This is not a “drop everything and be Vegan move for me”. Long before What the health, I watched a documentary on how the government poisons us so they can make money. This was back in 2013, I learned that they only see us to treat us and not to cure us. My fix was just to eat whatever I wanted but in moderation. 5 years later, what the health comes out and people lose their minds laughing out loud. All of the information on just about anything has always been right at our fingertips so I really did not understand the big hoopla about it all. I think reality has to smack people in the face sometimes before they believe it like going in the bathroom at work to discover someone removed my angel soft toilet tissue shaking my head. Angel soft toilet tissue is healthier for me than that rough and cheap company bulk toilet tissue.

There are so many things healthier for me and I can make better choices when it comes to food. What I put into my body is my decision. I’ve made a conscious decision to stick to a healthy and meal planned grocery list as soon as I return back from mainland. After researching Vegan pages, I am excited to try out so many different types of food combinations. Looking at vegan bodies, I am also excited to watch my body take on the form that it was playing with about 2 years ago during that 2 week raw diet challenge. This is the beginning of something beautiful. I am starting with the food first and then incorporating a lot more exercise since the chiropractor is currently working. Must get all 4 tires of myself up and running the right way so that I can generate my best performance at optimum health. Coachella here I come oh and Korean bath house too. Now I’m wondering like my mind cannot stop wondering what a true healthy diet is going to do for my mind and body. Transforming myself from inside out has become my next goal. I’m not trying to be perfect but I am trying to be better through taking care of my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. More kale, more smoothies. The time is now to add the Spirit to the Soul.

6 thoughts on “Animal love vs foodie

  1. Damn girl why they cook all your pets! LMBO 🤣 That was ruthless. Anyway I know the food journey has been in progress for years and I have always thought that you’d reach your ultimate goal and here you are about to make that transition. Well I’m here to tell you congratulations and to cheer you on!!!

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    1. Thank you my love!! Yes everyone got ate lmbo! The food journey is truly a long time coming!! Baby steps to many cures. Eating right is the key to living a healthy life without disease! All of the food holds the cure to whatever is ailing us!


  2. They told you to take care of your pets and then y’all had them for dinner lol! I really hope you’re feeling a lot better. That’s great you are changing your diet. I honestly believe that we are often sick from what we put in our bodies. I myself have started to watch what I eat and is exercising. The struggle is real because I have a huge problem with over eating and I’m trying my best not to. Continue to take care of you always. Transforming from within…love it!

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