Tribute to Love

Of all abstract things, Love you are my favorite. Without you, I would not know how strongly I could feel for something in or out of my life. I would not know what it’s like to feel like I’m floating all of the time with my head in the clouds and not a care in the world. Love you are grand and you show people what it’s like to be cared for deeply. You provide ultimate security. You make me feel so safe like no harm can come my way. You ignite fires deeply beneath the soul and sometimes those desires burn forever with the truth of hearts. People have a really hard time letting you go. I am one of those people. I’ll always believe in you. I know you’ll find me right where I am because I am love too. I love me just as much as I love loving you.

Understanding love is to know love…people dream about these things…I have my wildest dreams about these things…laughter fun tears hurt pain ache joy happiness cheer faith hope truth believing is seeing my eyes in your pain there’s no existence of one without the other hide your love in my pain so I can see your love through that pain…those things people dream about those things I have my wildest dreams about live right here within me for your eyes to see me deeply…March 21, 2015

By Peachyquote

Love is about loving someone for who they are as they are and not trying to change them allowing them to be themselves without the fear of losing that person Bc their afraid of them seeing something in them that will cause them to not like that person or leave that person. Love is caring no matter what. That goes for family friends lovers…loving is caring regardless. I’m not afraid to fall in love at all. Love is a beautiful thing. It’s the people that tarnish it and make it ugly. Most people don’t fear love they fear the person. Once you’re with someone you’re not afraid of then love isn’t scary. July 19, 2015

By Peachyquote

love does not owe us anything we owe it everything…

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