Hmmm does peace and work mix? I’m currently at work but focused on anything and everything that has to do with peace, bringing other people peace, and helping them start their journey to peace by encouraging and supporting them along the way if they will allow me to. Hopefully my coworker doesn’t bust in on me to see me not working um supposed to be filling some paper out laughing out loud. I’ll get to it when I get to it. Anyway does peace and facebook mix? So many people suffer from depression from solely comparing their lives to their facebook friends. I’ll be the one to tell you that a picture does not define happiness and neither do smiles. I seen a couple so happy on facebook but privately the girl was miserable. She’d tell me how she was so afraid at night because she’d wake up with him standing over her. She told me that she had to put makeup on her eye one day. This was one of the most helpless situations that I’d ever felt myself in. How do you help someone that does not want to be helped or that doesn’t understand that abuse escalates? They had another baby and I’m guessing that fixed everything or at least on facebook everything was fixed…but everything still looked the same to the public eye. Still smiling still joyful moment pictures. All I could really do was pray for her. I wondered to myself why but then I remembered that this is a world of status, wanting to fit in, and of course impressing others. I feel like so many people are slaves to this world in many different ways and don’t even realize it. Oh thought he was coming whew…ok yeah so many people are caught up in the things of this world and don’t understand how to enjoy the moments of this world.

Most are too busy trying to record everything happening so they can watch it in enjoyment later instead of enjoying everything happening right then, there, and at that very moment. Living in the now is so hard to do now days. Is social media good for peace? I asked myself this question and then I deactivated my primary facebook account full of family, friends, coworkers, and classmates throughout the past years of my life. I did this so that I could test out a vow of peace. I’d like for social media and peace to go together so I created a “Journey to Peace” Facebook page off of the Persona “Peach Love”. I’m surprised Facebook let me get away with that beautiful name laughing out loud but I’m here I made it!! Anyway the page is taking off nicely and I have already started getting feedback from the people that I’ve helped. My goal is to establish a community of lifting everyone up and everyone lifting everyone up. That would be an encouraging and supportive community. A community of peace. I want us all to keep everyone on their toes as they embark on their Journey to Peace. Whether it is leaving a job, a significant other, a living space, a home, etc…anything that is taking up too much energy and putting you in a bad head space is worth leaving and starting over. You have to make this decision for you though and nobody else can.

Suprisingly deactivating my account led to me communicating with my family and friends a lot more than usual. I talk to my mom at least 2 or 3 times a day. I call my grandma about 4 times a week. I facetime my mom and my friends a couple of times a week. Also, I tuned off technology and tuned in to nature. I frequent farmers markets oooh I had some delicious soursop! I plant my feet in the gardens and enjoy the grass between my toes. I seriously cannot get enough of anything of nature except the bugs. Keep the bugs. I just finished running from a baby roach at work that caught me off guard as it took flight while I was trying to smash it with a stapler, roll of trash bags, and anything else that I could throw at it. I was not having it. I’m in an office now with the door shut and hopefully someone killed it. Anyway, if it is one thing that I can say about nature is that it will bring peace no matter how loud it is. Every morning I wake up to the birds chirping and I have to remind myself that I love nature. They are not cute and gentle chirping birds but loud, obnoxious, and rude chirping birds. I swear I’m never prepared once they start. I wouldn’t trade the natural moment for the world though. I enjoy them as they are in their beauty.

Deactivating my account actually led me to playing in my hair more and teaching myself to style it in various ways along with trying out different products to see what my hair would like. Natural hair care can get pretty tedious if you don’t know what products your hair likes. I learned to treat my hair as if it is a pet and that has been working for me except for when people stateside ask to touch it. Here in Hawaii, people don’t ask to touch it or maybe natural hair is becoming more mainstream. Either way, it’s a beautiful thing.

One more beautiful thing that deactivating facebook led to was peace. Depending on your facebook friends and pages you follow, it can be a black hole. My facebook was a blackhole but a positive blackhole nevertheless. With about 700 or so friends in tow and multiple pages followed, my facebook timeline easily became something to get lost in and never return. I filtered out the bad energy simply by unfollowing or deleting people that shared fight videos, fake news, hoaxes, derogatory videos, and just plain stupid useless waste of life videos. My timeline was full of healthy food recipes, body goals, inspirational quotes, workout videos, and people vacationing, working to play, and living to live. The energy was good and the spirits were high. It was funny because anytime anything negative was going on in the world, my facebook timeline was still full of positivity. It made me feel very good about the people that I associate myself with. I’m trying to be one of those people to my followers that make them feel good about what they associate themselves with. It’s amazing the amount of support that you get once you step out of the box. I had never dreamed of writing a blog as much as I love to write. I enjoy this and people are telling me that they are enjoying me enjoying this so I’ll continue this cycle some more. Whatever brings you peace is what you should keep.

A conversation I had with a King today led to us talking about the standards and limitations that society places on so many things like just because everyone else is doing it means that if you aren’t doing then you don’t deserve to be happy. Let me tell you that it does not matter what everyone else is doing just simply do whatever it is that you want to do with your life. Live in your personal truth. People don’t realize that so much is stolen from them once they decide to live a life to impress other people. Impressing and comparing are 2 main causes of the death of happiness. Live your life for you. Set your own goals and be your own goals. Define who you are and what makes you happy. This is the way to peace. This is the Journey to Peace. This conversation reminded me that I need to keep rocking to the beat of my own drum and setting my own norms. Once something is less taboo then it is a norm. If you want to keep it taboo though, keep it private. Laughing out loud.

It’s okay to take breaks from social media so that you can focus on you and not what everyone else is doing. Trying to keep up with everyone else holds you back from keeping up with you. I promise we are going to go deep and you won’t have a problem keeping the focus on you. It’ll feel too good not to laughing my butt off. I know it does to me.

I am a firm believer of moving in silence but I believe that in order for our world to heal. WE NEED TO BE LOUD. WE NEED TO MAKE A LOT OF NOICE WHEN WE MOVE. WE NEED TO STOMP ALONG THE WAY. WE NEED TO YELL TO EVERYONE TO JOIN US IN OUR JOURNEY TO PEACE.

2 thoughts on “Deactivation

  1. “Whatever brings you peace is what you should keep.” -peachyquote

    I really needed that. I was praying and googling to get confirmation on something and bam! The answer came to me, from God through you. How amazing is that!

    Thank you. Thank you.

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