Supernatural Special kind of Butterfly

Daddy tell us the story again. Which story darling? The story of how you and mommy met, the one with the clouds. Okay you ready? Yes daddy, We’re ready.

Once upon a night there lived a young man that had all the courage and strength in the world. Only there was a witch that also lived with him soaking up all of his magic. The young man went to sleep tired and afraid of the monsters every night. One day the witch left their house. The young man felt something strong hit his soul. He went to sleep and his soul left his body. Drifting off into the further he seen something so intriguing that it frightened him. It was big, bright, enthusiastic but yet peaceful. It was entirely too chaotic for words. He got closer and closer being as cautious as he could be. He seen huge wings of beautiful bright colors and an amazing body. A horn came from the 3rd eye and a big fluffy happy tail flowed and twirled about. This was his first glance at the butterfly unicorn dancing. It was the most peaceful thing he had ever seen. He was drawn to her. She reached out for him and the clock struck…he knew he had to get back to his body. The butterfly unicorn looked on in confusion. She had to figure out a way to lead him back to her once his soul returned. She danced until beautiful blue pink purple colorful clouds formed around her. No one else had this power. The young man made it back to his body and woke up. It was just a Dream right he thought. He went out of the first for the first time in days. The depression demons surrounded the house and the anxiety demons surrounded him. He wondered what could help what could get him out of that sunken place of terror. Where could he find the love he craved so much. On his walk he met a witch her attributes were different from the last witch but he would soon find out it was the same witch just a different body. It was then that he ran home locked the door and prayed for a soul so beautiful to come into his life. He wanted something nobody had ever seen before. He prayed for the supernatural and for another dimension to encompass him. The witches continued to bang on his door. He was on his “journey to peace”. The witches set fires, pulled up all of his flowers, tried to wreck his yard, and destroy his house because they were destroyed. The young man ignored the witches and fell back asleep. He drifted off and once into rem he felt his body go limp and he astroglided. At first glance he seen extremely colorful clouds. It was the creature he thought…I must follow. He made it to the clouds and fought his was all the way through and inside to those huge wings of vibrant colors to look on at the vivacious butterfly unicorn. No one will ever believe me he thought. She stopped dancing and turned to face him. He felt something he never felt before. He seen her eyes for the very first time and fell deeply into her portal.

Looking into her eyes was like gazing at a never ending universe it was pure magic if he had ever felt magic before but he hadn’t so he was confused at why looking into her eyes made his heart want to escape his chest to go and be with her. All of his thoughts stopped as he closed in on the unicorn butterfly to admire her more closely. He must have stared for an eternity until she broke his trance with the flapping of her wings. She took him by surprise when she batted her gigantic lashes and scooped him into her sealing him to her carriage. She took him to a place far into the further he had never seen before. It was her place. He recognized the clouds the pink purple orange the bright clouds. It smelled like honey, fruits, and berries He felt safe with her his soul had found home and he was in heaven. Please don’t leave me. She heard him. Her voice was musical but he didn’t understand a word she said. He felt her sincerity as he watched her fly away. He knew he had to get back to his body once again so he gathered his composure and flew back off through the further. He seen the broken souls surrounding his home. He knew he had to meet the physical body that the butterfly unicorn lived in but he had no idea where to start. He observed the pain and misery surrounding his home then fell back into his body. He awakened feeling awakened and in heavy pursuit of the soul that he craved. He wanted more than just the nights in the further with her. He needed her for the day so he sat out to find her and on his journey…

Omg the magic…what are the sparkles. She had given him sparkles and everything he touched glistened like gold bc that was his heart pure and kind his character true his mind a universe just as her eyes. This was her way to lead him to her by finding his way back to himself on his journey. He walked out of his front door past woman after woman. He didn’t care what the bodies appeared as…he was in search of a soul. The soul that brought him magic. He rubbed his hands together in thought and something quite astounding happened. Pink purple orange those clouds appeared and then he seen something wisp though the clouds elegantly and gracefully. He felt her before he could see her. It is you this is happening this is real. In the middle of the street right across from his home. Who knew the Butterfly unicorn lived right across the street. They stood in a hypnotic state in the middle of the road for a few min until the wind blew their minds back into reality. Would you like to come inside and begin the process. Intrigued he stepped inside. I will tell you this will not be easy. He nodded in understanding. He was mesmerized by her big brilliant hair flowing all over the place just as her free spirit. She quieted his thoughts when she glided over to him and kissed his third eye. It was as if they didn’t even have to speak they had an understood unspoken sense as if telepathy resides in their love. She confessed to him that she felt him enter the further and he shook the entire realm. She knew a spirit so powerful would attract a bunch of leeching broken souls with vampire goals so she rescued him. She felt him and led him right to her sanctuary and this is why she held him in her carriage the 2nd night. Then she leaned further down past his 3rd eye to something she craved more than she initially thought and he pulled away suddenly…

He hesitated but then pulled her down into his lap. Still no words. He looked deeper into her eyes down to the depths of her soul. She wrapped her arms around his neck. He held her waist hands gliding up her sides to her thick flowy head of Hair. He ran his fingers through her scalp and she exhaled.

Thinking omg where have you been all this time why did it take so long for you to find me. I’ve been hurting and needed you but you were nowhere to be found. He already knew what she was thinking bc her body had tensed up in his arms. He stopped caressing her head and she opened her eyes full of great balls of fire. That’s how strongly he felt her passion. He pulled her head closer to his so that their lips were only an inch apart. She inhaled his breath smelled his sweet cologne mixed in with his pheromones this was the way he called her home. He always chose the same cologne no matter the body. His soul bragged different. She got lost in his aroma and her eyes rolled back as if she remembered another time when it was just him, her, and their skin… what a magnificent 3sum for two souls to be in. Give me you he commanded with his eyes this was the game they played. She ran upstairs. Cat and mouse. Wylie coyote and road runner Tom and jerry this was their favorite scene. He looked everywhere upstairs. He looked to the doors upstairs until he felt her bedroom. He looked on as The clouds formed bright pink purple orange before he could even open the door. And then It was time.

She opened the door and he fell into her arms naturally landing within an inch of her lips. He stared at her voluptuous thick plump lips until she broke his concentration by pulling him closer. They lay there in their peace letting the clouds take over them. Before they knew it the clouds had clothed them and they were floating to the bed to drift off into a deep sleep highly intoxicated by the clouds. They held hands and flew into the further middle of nowhere feeling everything everywhere together worried of nothing. They looped back around to their bodies. She told him with a glance just how grateful she was with the body he chose and he smiled at her. They relaxed into their bodies and awakened side by side. Something like a great awakening the entire bed shook. They held one another she entwined her entire body around him and he held her thick full head of red hair to his heart caressing her scalp and pulling on her hair. That was the familiar sound that was simply home. She nuzzled her face into his neck he held her tighter he felt the warmth. They grounded themselves to the bed as the room shook. They began to sink down into the bed. They closed their eyes and let the clouds take them beyond their wildest dreams deep into the portal. This is the awakened state she remembered always no matter where she was no matter the body the time she always craved him. The first dimension she ever met him in. One memory vibrated in her mind it was The first time they kissed. She wondered if his lips still felt the same. She caught his eyesight as they walked to the glowing tree of life. They became one with nature communicating with nature feeling hearing touching what they seen with their eyes then they closed their eyes again but this time their third eyes glazed over and reopened as if they were born again…taking in nature’s masterpiece my third eye fluttered at yours and you sunk into me melted right into me your roots pulling me closer your vines entwining me this was your world and somehow I’d fallen into it. I gave in and rooted myself into you and let your roots take hold of me.

This was how your soul made love to mine for the very first time after kissing me underneath the tree of life that one time neither of us could move. The legend says we are the chosen ones I kissed you back and everything lit up around us. I had your world lit and nature was so happy so peaceful so satisfied when I fell into your world. You stepped to me held my hand welcomed me to your dimension I remember just like it was yesterday you made love to me right over there next to those singing flowers and humming grasses while Jupiter third eyed us you told me you’d always find me you’re always near even when I think you’re far you said once rooted we will never be lost but always found. I hadn’t felt you in so long but I knew when I was getting closer to you my heart always beats faster when my mind smells you mind always clearer when my soul senses you you make everything better that’s how I knew I was close to you. So I’m still naked staring into your eyes rooted with you like the very first time. Everything around us lit bc I light up your world. Right here in this dimension while I’m desiring your thoughts touching your heart feeling your soul listening to your mind admiring your naked body wondering how it’ll feel for you to root yourself inside of me for we have only rooted externally us and nature but you and I rooted internally….shake the entire universe…but we are in this dimension and I’m rooted into the ground one with nature functioning for the tree of life give me you root yourself into me watching you kneel before me tearing the roots from my legs preparing your roots to be one with me so we can become with nature together you take each leg and place them over your shoulder kissing the trigger points from my ankles to the nerves in my inner thighs my body focused on feeling you I feel everything building up inside of me I get really hot the flowers are singing louder the grass is screaming the tree of life is whispering and then everything goes quiet right before you lean down to kiss me while my legs are rooted to your shoulders…you whisper the words home to me and I start shaking uncontrollably the lakes moan to me and you whisper home to me the whispers fade the singing and humming grow distant the moans piercing our ears…

butterfly unicorn are you ready to come home. She kissed him so deeply so passionately so satisfying that he felt nature more than he already felt it and then something incredible happened. He started to glow a gold hue and she could feel his power. She felt herself turning a gold hue with hints of pink purple orange yellow blue…like the eye of a sunset his sunset. This is how they it was time to plant love. They finally took a breath from kissing she looked to his power and let him take hers. Magical dust rained down and the tree of life whispered louder “make love, plant love, be love” these clouds are your destiny. The world is your fate. This is how things are supposed to be. This is what you’re here for. Listen to the roots of nature.


2 thoughts on “Supernatural Special kind of Butterfly

  1. “ She got lost in his aroma and her eyes rolled back as if she remembered another time when it was just him, her, and their skin… what a magnificent 3sum for two souls to be in.”

    That line blew me away! It is beautiful and caught me off guard! It deserves its own award 🥇

    Liked by 1 person

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