Pretty brown eyes

Ive always been told in reference to the shape but In my 31 years of life I have never noticed the color! I definitely have to write about this.

A guy I was seeing once paused mid conversation and apologized before saying that the almond shape of my eyes is so captivating to him. He said he’d never seen eyes so beautiful before. And then there was the time before my corrective eye surgery. The doctor complimented the beauty of my eyes and then she asked if I had Colombian in my family because almond eye shapes are of Colombian culture. The most recent is the most memorable for me. My ex boyfriend would easily get lost in the depth of my eyes as if he was communicating with my soul. I believe that he was though. Makes no sense how you can stare into someone eyes for an eternity and not communicate with their soul. He told me my eyes are not only beautiful but that my eyes make him feel more than he has ever felt before. That alone scared me and I’m gaining closure on our breakup knowing that we were just too powerful together. Too much power can be a bad thing I guess. Bestfriends is what we are. Bestfriends are always powerful lol.

This realization of my eyes being beautiful to me came to me the day before yesterday.

My eyes are absolutely remarkable from the light brown color to the almond shape that compliments my face so gracefully. Funny how we don’t see things or maybe we take them for granted. The true beauty of ourselves. The mirror has been tricking and lying to me all these years. I thought my eyes were dark brown this whole time and the sun…the sun was honest with me and showed me that they are light brown that they light up when I’m excited and happy and glow dark when I’m sad or upset. The sun was real with me. I wonder what else the mirror has been lying to me about.

Life on the surface is all an illusion. The true magic is beneath the surface of everything we see. This is how I choose to live. Choices. There’s a choice with everything that we do and sometimes it has an everlasting effect on us. I know taking that picture and posting it to Snapchat only to go back and say whose eyes are those?

I’ll forever remember the day that I opened my eyes and realized that they are mine.

This means whatever I see that I can take it and make it into whatever I want it to be because life on the surface is simply an illusion. The picture is always bigger and beyond the picture is an even deeper meaning. Illusions are always pretty but real is beautiful. We must open our eyes and see the real not just the illusion that the world gives us to see. We must believe that illusions can be transformed and all of the magic is possessed by our minds. This means that I hate my current job and I’m using my magic to transform the illusion into whatever I want it to be. So far the real looks way better than the illusion. Beware of the illusions others have built around you and the illusions that you’ve built around yourself. They are distractions only there to divert your attention from your real goals by satisfying you with fake pleasure fake success fake happiness…none of it is real if it is without passion. Passion is real passion is life passion is love passion is real life living. Your reality is what you transform your illusion into being…that is the true meaning that is the raw. Don’t be fooled by the mirror. Your life is beautiful. Authentically you.

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