Leaving time…evolve

We give so much time to something that can never amount to the payments in time we have given. What is retirement if we do not have the health to enjoy it. Stress causes heart attacks. Stressful jobs are not for me. Everything in life equals an equation. Stress should be your reasoning to vacate the job. It is interesting the things we hold on to for things that won’t matter later. You’re giving so much of yourself to a job. A job that will easily replace you if you fall from it. Some jobs hold people that are only numbers. Expendable is inhumane but unless doing a job that nobody else knows how to do, you can be replaced. If you’re not happy with your job then no amount of money can bring you the everlasting peace you need. A journey to peace means leaving everything you’ve ever known behind you. For years I thought I wasn’t happy with my job because of the people then I thought it was the place then I thought it was the job. Turns out…it was none of those things. I wasn’t happy with my job because of me. It’s not what I imagined for my life. My vision is something greater and my job was only a stepping stone to get to higher ground. Thank your stones. They lead to a more evolved you.

2 thoughts on “Leaving time…evolve

  1. Tell me about it. My exact scenario and I am on the verge of strategically leaving my job, although it’s sometimes rewarding, it’s not what makes me happy and it is not my passion. Hope I have the courage to proceed through when it’s that time!

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  2. All I can say is you’re an amazing woman!! You had to go through all of that to be who you are today. You have a beautiful soul and an amazing spirit. Keep shining beautiful.

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